Website Launch!

So, here we are, the official launch of the Daemon Studios website!

Having a website was always going to be one of the goals I wanted to reach, but thanks to the new Patreon fee changes (despite being reversed now), it forced my hand a little so I took the plunge and with some (read: lots of) guidance from the wonderful Deven Rue, this has all been put together in a matter of days!

Everything should be working correctly, but naturally, if anyone encounters any bugs whatsoever, please let us know straight away via the Contact Us form and we’ll look straight into it.

All of the previous pieces of music that I posted on Patreon will be available to subscribers immediately. With a new website comes new ways of doing business, so there will now be song collections for those of you who’d rather download an album than subscribe and a custom piece is now a one-off payment instead of a more expensive subscription.

As a massive thank you to all my amazing supporters, and a very warm welcome to all new ones, the first 10 orders from this site will have a 15% discount if you use the code Launch15 at checkout!

Here’s to a bright future!

Thank you!



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