Q: Why should I choose you over the free options available elsewhere?

Good question! If you spend some time looking, there are no doubt some absolute gems that you can find and I whole-heartedly recommend you use those! However, I provide a slightly different service than other folk. While I indeed offer tracks for use in your tabletop games, I’m much more focused on bespoke, custom songs and pieces of music that are specific to you, your campaign, your characters. This in turn gives you high quality music that you can use to spice up your tabletop sessions, whether they be RPG’s, board game nights, improv sessions, whatever you so desire!


Q: Can I use these tracks in my podcast/stream/home games?

Of course you can! Previously, there were seperate subscriptions available for personal or commercial use, however that is no longer the case. Any music you purchase from me can be used for personal, small business or commercial use, whether that is your home games, your Twitch stream, your actual play podcasts or anything else! All I ask is proper credit is provided in the form of a shout out, a link to my patreon or (preferably) my website.

You are not authorized to use these files for redistribution in part or whole for free or for sale individually, as part of a collection or mass distribution/production.


Q: Can I request my custom track be exclusive to me?

Unfortunately not. All music I create will be sold on my store. At the end of the day, the track that’s been created is personal to you and no one can take that away from you.


Q: Do you record, mix and/or master music?

I do! While my main focus for recording is Rock and Metal, I am happy to take a look at any recording, mixing and/or mastering project and offer my services. Use the Contact Us form to get in touch with me and we can go from there.


Q: What DAW / VSTi / instrument / shampoo do you use?

Well, that would be telling! I’m an advocate of using Reaper – it’s a fantastic DAW with an extremely low price tag for what you get. As for VSTi’s, I generally stick to using EastWest’s line of instruments via their Composer Cloud subscription. Instrument wise; too many to name, but I’m partial to a Fender Telecaster or Jazzmaster.

Full disclosure: I am not endorsed by any of the companies I have named. I just really like their products and will happily point someone in their direction.